Mozilla decides to open a Firefox Add-on Store

Mozilla has decided to open an add-on marketplace for Firefox sometime next year. This announcement was made by add-on product manager  Justin Scott, who said

We’ll probably be doing a marketplace pilot in 2010.

He is also reported to have said that while on one hand, the developers all want an add-on marketplace, the consumers on the other hand are non-responsive on this. He has urged the consumers to put some feedback on this matter so that they can safely go on with the decision.
The current AMO download page offers us free downloads for add-ons but nothing for add-on developers. The most they can do is request some donation. Though, developers are more interested in a page where they can market and sell their developed add-ons. Hopefully now, things are about to change with plans of an add-on store similar to that of Apple or Google Android.

The Agenda on this discussion was Do Add-ons Need a Market Place and the key figures in the presentation were Eric Jung (FoxyProxy) James Joaquin (xmarks), Chirs Finke (finke), James Pratt (Microsoft) and Justin Scott (Mozilla).

All these decisions were taken at the Add-on Con 2009 on December 11th. Visit their homepage for more details.

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