Most Useful Bookmarklets

Bookmarklets add additional function to your browser without the need to install additional add-ons and softwares. Bookmarklets are also cross-compatible, which means that they will work on different browsers, without the need to change any settings.

For example does not support add-ons yet, but you can add additional functionality to the browser using some useful chrome bookmarklets.

Using bookmarklets over add-ons definitely have their own advantages, and Amit Agarwal from Digital Inspiration lists out reasons on why you should use bookmarklets over regular add-ons.

1. Add-ins are browser specific so tomorrow if you decide to move from Firefox to Opera or Google Chrome, your favorite add-ins will no longer work. On the other hand, a bookmarklet written for Firefox is very likely to work with Safari or IE.

2. Some add-ins can break (or won’t install at all) if you try installing them on a newer version of the browser. And this is a big problem considering that new browser patches are released every couple of months.

3. Unlike add-ins that require installation, you can add and remove bookmarklets without restarting the browser.

4. Poorly coded add-ins can significantly slow down your browser while bookmarklets have negligible (if any) effect on memory usage as they are executed on-demand.

In addition to the reasons, Amit also explores several useful bookmarklets you can add to practically any browser to make your life easier. Don’t forget to read the article, we are sure you will find several useful ones.

Your Guide To Most Useful Bookmarklets [Digital Inspiration]

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