Microsoft About To Release Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview [Video]

Microsoft About To Release Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview [Video]

Believe it or not, Microsoft is gearing up to launch the first platform preview of Internet Explorer 10, just a month after releasing Internet Explorer 9. Yes, this is the same company that took five years to move from Internet Explorer 6 to Internet Explorer 7, and three more years for the next update.

Spurred by declining market share, Microsoft intends on releasing platform previews at regular intervals until the beta stage is reached. Platform previews are solely meant for developers, and doesn’t include most of the user oriented features.

Microsoft will probably release the first platform preview of Internet Explorer 10 at the MIX11 keynote. Stay tuned to Techie Buzz for more updates. Microsoft has mistakenly released the Internet Explorer 10 video in advance. However, it was pulled down as I was updating this post. The first platform preview includes features like CSS 3 gradients, multi-column layouts, and grid Layouts. Microsoft has already updated the Internet Explorer Test Drive website. Here are snaps from the video that got pulled down by Microsoft.

Internet Explorer 10: CSS3 Gradients
Internet Explorer 10: CSS3 Multi-Column Layout
Internet Explorer 10: Full Hardware Acceleration

Update: Here’s the video, via WinRumors.

3 thoughts on “Microsoft About To Release Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview [Video]”

  1. It’s amazing. Internet Explorer is always best and will remains the best forever. And I hope more security and speed will introduce in the 10 version.

  2. IE 9 is become most familiar browser all over the world. And it is for sure that the 10 version will be more attractive and more amazing. I will be waiting for it.

  3. Internet Explorer 10 will be more faster and with out any complexity. Internet explorer 8 and 9 was not so satisfactory. They were very heavy to load and always showed not responding message. Hope IE 10 will be out of all these problems. Thanks for the informative post.

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