Microsoft Launches Campaign to Increase Internet Explorer 8 Adaption – Likens IE6 to Spoiled Milk

Even Microsoft is getting fed up with Internet Explorer 6’s stickiness. The browser, which has long overstayed its welcome, still commands around 10% (source) of the browser market share.


Microsoft Australia has launched a new campaign that likens Internet Explorer 6 to nine year old milk. In an attempt to convince reluctant users to make the switch, Microsoft harps on Internet Explorer 8’s enhanced security features.

With the latest stateoftheart security features, Internet Explorer 8 is designed to cope with today’s modern cyber crime. In fact, research studies prove it.

In a study by NSS Labs, Internet Explorer 8 caught socially engineered malware 85% of the time compared to Firefox 3’s 29%, Safari 4’s 29% and Chrome’s 17%1.

Of course, the NSS Labs Research quoted by Microsoft is most likely crap, since they are better known for clever manipulation than research. Nevertheless, Internet Explorer 8 is unarguably a much better option than Internet Explorer 6, which appears pre-historic when compared with modern day browsers.

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  • oli-uk

    If users are on IE6 they are probably using XP and older hardware

    IF they want to upgrade (and they may rightly not want to) the better course would probably be to a browser other than IE8 (9 wont run on XP)

    Firefox, chrome, opera are all good browsers that get regular updates and development.
    Development on IE8 will stop now that IE9 is the browser MS are trying to push.