Matt Monkey Tries to Emulate Greasemonkey in Google Chrome

already supports user scripts. However, installing scripts is not that pleasant in Chrome and there is no guarantee that all the scripts will work.

Matt Monkey is a , which wants to become the Greasemonkey add-on for Chrome, by trying to make it easier for you to add scripts. However, I found it to be much more complicated than using this simple copy to user scripts folder.

Once you install the extension, you have to go to the extensions page, either by typing chrome://extensions/ in the location bar, or selecting extensions from the wrench menu.


In the extensions page, find the extension and click on the options button to add a Greasemonkey script to Google Chrome. Clicking on the options button will launch a interface to add a Greasemonkey script to Chrome.


The interface provides users with several input areas to fill in information about the Greasemonkey script, sadly you have to manually copy each of these fields from the user scripts into the input area.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Matt Monkey is definitely promising when it comes to adding Greasemonkey scripts to Google Chrome, however, it makes it much more complicated than the regular method. We spotted a few problems in the extension, if these are tackled it might be a very useful tool for Chrome users.

Problem Number 1: You need to visit the extensions page every time you want to add a Greasemonkey script to Chrome. The developer could easily provide the same option through the toolstrip.

Problem Number 2: It would be good if the developer could just provide a single input area to copy the script and then copy it over to User Scripts folder (which may not be possible). However, the developer could also parse the data and auto-generate all the fields. Greasemonkey scripts follow a standard for the fields the developer is prompting us to input manually, it would not be hard for him to parse the data.

Problem Number 3: Most of the information provided is not in English, which makes it really hard to understand what the options are.

Hopefully these problems will be sorted out by the developer, and we will have a good enough greasemonkey user scripts manager for Chrome.

Rating: 0.5/5 (Poor)

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