Manage Google Chrome Tabs the Better Way With TabJump Extension

While working with too many tabs in Google Chrome, sometimes you may feel lost. You often forget the tab containing a particular page as too many tabs shortens the individual page titles. Two quick ways to move between tabs are using Ctrl + Tab or using keyboard hotkeys such as Alt + 1, Alt + 2 and so on. But if you have say 20 tabs open, that’s way slow.

TabJump is a new Google chrome extension which can be used for highlighting frequently used tabs as well as the related ones. TabJump lists recently closed tabs as well so if you had accidentally closed a few, you can quickly restore them with a click. A similar extension is LockTab – which alerts you whenever you try to close an open tab or window.

Download TabJump Google Chrome Extension

Suppose you were reading three articles on Techie-Buzz and after some time, lost where the tabs are placed. Just click the TabJump icon from the address bar and the extension shows you all the tabs from Techie-Buzz.


Clicking a tab stack takes you directly to the tab so you never have to worry and gaze on the large amount of opened tabs in Google chrome. When you hit the lock button, the extension locks the current tab so that you when you try to close it, you are shown a warning message.


Techie Buzz Verdict

One of the features which I like about the extension is grouping related tabs together. This helps when you want to trim down to a specific site. However, I would like to see more features such as closing tabs in bulk, changing the order of tabs by drag and drop in the upcoming versions

Techie Buzz rating: 2/5 (average).

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