Lock Tab Alerts You Before Closing A Tab or Window in Google Chrome

One of the most annoying problems I have had with is the fact that it does not alert you whenever you close the entire window with multiple tabs open. This can lead to problems at certain times as you have to go back to the history to find out which tabs you accidentally closed.

Quite sometime back, I had told you about a solution to overcome accidental browser closure in Google Chrome, however, I just came across a which locks tabs and alerts you when you try to close it or load a new URL in it.

Lock Tabs in Google Chrome

Once you install the Lock Tab extension, you will see a small lock icon in the address bar, clicking on this will lock the tab by adding a small JavaScript code to it.


If you try to close the tab or load a new URL in it, you will see a alert as shown in the screenshot above. This will happen when you try to close the tab you locked or the entire Chrome window. If you want to close down the tab or window, just click on the "Leave this Page" button. This extension is definitely useful and will get you over some of those Oops moments where you accidentally close your browser by mistake. To unlock a tab just click on the lock icon once again.

Update: I just ran into a similar extension called "Windows Close Protector" which does the same job. Once you get a solution there is no dearth of options eh ;-).

Techie Buzz Verdict


In my experience of using Google Chrome I have always had the problem of closing entire windows accidentally, and since Chrome has explicitly refused to add an option to set an alert before closing the entire browser window, this extension is definitely very useful.

Once you enable a lock on one of the tab it will allow you to choose the close or keep open action for the entire Window. As with other extensions, this will not work in Incognito mode.

Techie Buzz Rating: 5/5 (Perfect)

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