Load A URL On Opening New Tab in Firefox

We love Firefox because of the flexibility it provides to common annoyances with the help of extensions. These extensions usually provide users with functionality that is missing from the browser itself. One such thing missing in Firefox is the ability to open a URL when you open a new tab. You can only open up a URL while starting up Firefox, but every new tab opens up a blank page.

New Tab URL provides you with a option to open a URL when you open a new tab, this URL could either be a blank page, your default home page, the current page that you are browsing or a URL that you specify. You can also choose to open a URL that is stored in the clipboard, which would come in pretty useful when you browse forums, where direct links are disabled.


With the extension you can choose to open your favorite website or search engine whenever a new tab is loaded saving you time you would take to type the URL in the address bar.

Download New Tab URL [via Ghacks]

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