Learn More About Your Surfing Habits With About:Me

As the name suggests about:me is a Firefox extension which is all about you. In fact it’s only purpose is to tell you more about your own browsing trends. About:me utilizes the data stored in Firefox’s History to present detailed statistics about your surfing habits.

At first glance about:me reminds me of web metrics like Google Analytics. It may not be the most useful extension available, but it’s definitely visually appealing and interesting.

about:me - Activity Center

Using this extension is simple. Just type about:me in the address bar (awesome bar) and you will be presented with the Activity Center which displays your most visited sites and hourly browsing activity. About:me also monitors your downloads and presents various interesting data including the number of items downloaded every day and file types you most frequently download.

about:me - Downloads

about:me - Downloads History

About:me is still very young and a lot of exciting new features are in the pipeline. Planned features include tab stats, bookmark stats and extension usage patterns. If you interested in learning more about the extension checkout the project development page here.

You probably think that you are aware of your surfing habits. And you are probably right. Still, you may be surprised by some of the results thrown up by about:me. I definitely spend way more time than I had expected reading Cracked.com

[Download about:me ]

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