iPhone Clone Web Browser For Windows – iPhone Drift

Browsers are a ton a penny, however there are few browsers which have made the cut, and few which are just unique by themselves. We just came across a unique piece of work called iPhone Drift, which is actually a web browser for Windows based PC.


The browser looks just like a iPhone and also lets you browser web pages and show them how they will look on a real iPhone. This is unlike the mobile web browser simulation we had told you earlier.

iPhone Drift offers pixel-accurate web browsing, so you know exactly what your page looks like on a real iPhone, along with the ability to flip the phone, so that you can get the maximum browsing experience.

To start browsing using iPhone Drift, click on the Safari button, none of the other buttons are functional on the home screen.

iPhone drift is a , so you can just take it anywhere with you, by dropping it on your flash drive, however we cannot really suggest any other usage for this applications, except for testing your websites on a actual iPhone, without having access to one.

Download iPhone Drift

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