Internet Explorer 9 Coming At CES 2010

Microsoft’s next generation web browser Internet Explorer 9, will make its debut at CES 2010, according to reports from Neowin and CNET. The browser which will be the successor to will include several exciting features including HTML5 support, according to Ray Ozzie, the Chief Software Architect at Microsoft.


IE8 improvised and added several new features including multiple processes and developer tools. Even with that they are still lagging behind Mozilla’s . Firefox 3.6 is scheduled for release this December, however, it still lacks several features already existing in IE8 and .

It will be interesting to see where the browser war is headed. Considering that more and more people are now living in the cloud and performing much of their work in a web browser, having the biggest browser market share is of utmost importance to everyone including Mozilla, Microsoft and Google.

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