Incredible Startpage : Spice Google Chrome Start Page

Incredible StartPage extension for Google Chrome adds a three column view to the browser new tab page. Download and install the extension to spice up the boring start page in the browser.


Features :

1. Theme Color : The theme color can be selected from a list of 5 previously defined colors. You can also define gradients by providing custom color hex codes.

2. Bookmarks Background : The bookmarks are shown with a picture background in the right most column. The pictures are brought into using Flickr API. You can also ch0ose to display two color gradients thereby selecting the color hex codes (in the theme options). The folders in the bookmarks bar are not shown here.

3. Closed Tabs : The default Chrome feature to show the recently closed tabs are also there. You can see the recently closed tabs in the left most column.

4. Detailed Bookmarks : The contents of the bookmarks bar are shown in the middle column. The folders though not included in the rightmost column are shown here.

The extension can be installed from here.

Techie Buzz Verdict :

The extension adds a nice feel to the Chrome new tab page but it lacks the ability to pin any specific web page to the page. Chrome has this sticky tab feature by default which really helps to save frequently visited web pages as shortcuts without any need to bookmark them.

Techie – Buzz Rating : 3.5 / 5 (Very Good)

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