IE8 Web Accelerators

introduces a new feature called Accelerators which allow users to quickly share content and perform tasks with a single click, think of accelerators like Macros, where you can combine repetitive tasks into a single process.

For example, while browsing you come across a webpage where you find interesting information, you decide to email this information to one of your friends, the steps you would normally perform are.

  1. Copy the content or the URL of the page.
  2. Open your email client or load a new tab to open your webmail service.
  3. Compose a new mail and paste the content or URL into the message body.
  4. Send the email message.

IE8 Accelerators aim to do away with the task of copying the content or URL and opening your email client or webmail provider, with the help of accelerators, you can quickly select and share a webpage in a single click.


You can use the accelerator feature by selecting content and clicking on the arrow link, or by right clicking on the page or a link and selecting the options from the All Accelerators menu.


You can easily manage all your Accelerators by right clicking and selecting manage accelerators from the All Accelerators menu, this will popup a window, which will display all the installed accelerators in IE8.


You can also download and install new accelerators from the IE8 Accelerator Gallery, where you can browse and choose from the available accelerators.


Accelerator is definitely a very nice feature of IE8, and we recommend you give IE8 a try and see for yourself.

Download IE8

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