Most Useful Web Accelerators For IE8

Quite recently we had told you about  Web Accelerators, a feature that allowed you to quickly share content, search maps and more, however the power of accelerators is limited to the accelerators you use, here is a list of the Most Useful Web Accelerators for IE8.


The accelerators have been divided into different categories for easier browsing, you can click on the links below, to directly jump to the categories you want.

Search Related Accelerators


Define With Wikipedia Allows you to quickly lookup a word or phrase on Wikipedia, if the word does not exist, it will launch the default Wikipedia search.

Dictionary Reference Looks up the meaning of the selected word or phrase on

Google Definition Lookup Uses Google to lookup definition for selected words or phrases.

Search with Google Code Search Lookup programming code on Google code search.

Search on IMDB Lookup movie reviews and synopsis on Internet Movie Database.

MSDN Search – Quickly search for content on the Microsoft Developer Network

Search on Netflix – Search movies to rent on

Social Networking Accelerators


Shareaholic Share content in 30 social networking sites with this single accelerator, also has a Firefox add-on which we had told you about in the post about converting Firefox into a social networking hub.

Share on Twitter Share any content on .

Share on Facebook Allows you to share the current page or selected text in .

Reviews on StumbleUpon Tells you if a page has been submitted to StumbleUpon and displays the users reviews for the page.

Find in LinkedIn Find selected persons profile on

Share with Delicious – Share your current document or a selected link using Delicious.

Add to Reddit Add the current page to your Reddit favorites.

Find on Find the artist or music on

Digg Accelerator – Discover and share the best of the web on Digg.

Email Accelerators


Send Mail Using Gmail Allows you to quickly send a page or selected text as a email using .

Send Mail Using AOL Allows you to quickly send a page or selected text as a email using AOL.

Email Using Windows Live Hotmail – Allows you to quickly send a page or selected text as a email using Windows Live Hotmail.

Shopping Related Accelerators


RetailMeNot Find coupons for your favorite retail sites, with RetailMeNot.

Amazon Search Search for products

Find on eBay Lets you find and preview items on eBay, without the need to leave the current page.

Newegg Search Search and preview products on retailing website

Google News Search Search Google News for related content.

Utility Accelerators


Google Translate Translate webpages or URLs with Google Translate.

Google Maps or Maps on Live Maps or Yahoo Local Maps Convert a address to a location on the maps using any of the plugins listed here.

Login using BugMeNot Bypass website registration by logging in with already created users, provided by BugMeNot community.

Shorten with Shorten URL with

TinyURL Convert a long URL to a tiny URL using this accelerator.

Shorten with Shorten URLs with Lookup your local weather on

Preview and Launch URL Preview a URL before opening the entire page.

Currency Converter Convert different currencies to your desired currency.

Yahoo! Finance Lookup stocks on Yahoo Finance.

Track Package with DHL – Use the DHL tracking number to find the current status of your packages.

Translate with Babelfish Translate selected text or URL with Babelfish.

Blogging Related Accelerators


Post Content to Blogger Post the selected content or webpage to your Blogger website.

Blog on Live Search Spaces Post the selected content or webpage to your Live Spaces account.

Post to LiveJournal Post the selected content or webpage to your LiveJournal account.

Video Search Accelerators


YouTube Video Search Search for videos matching the selected text.

Truveo Video Search Search Truveo for videos matching the selected text.

Search Videos with Live Search Search videos using live search

Do you have any other accelerators to share with us? Do let us know through your comments.

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