IE8 Includes Developer Tools

We are definitely beginning to like IE8 a lot more than we expected and are discovering newer and newer features in it, as a reader we want you to brace up today for a lot of IE8 related posts, we thoroughly apologize if this irks you, but we would definitely want everyone to know about why they should be using IE8 if ever, and these posts will help you make a decision.


Coming back to the post, IE8 includes a add-in called Developer Tools, which will allow you to analyze websites much more better than any other earlier versions of the browser.

The developer tools can be accessed by going to Tools > Developer Tools or using the F12 , once you have opened the developer tools, you can view the source code for the page, CSS used on the page, debug JavaScript code and profile the current webpage.

In addition to that there are a host of other features including controlling the cache for a page, validating HTML, validating CSS, validating feed, validating links and more.

The Developer Tools will definitely come in handy to designers and developers alike, you can learn more about IE8’s Developer Tools, by visiting the MSDN Help Page for Developer Tools.

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