Google Toolbar Works in Firefox 5 and Firefox 6 – Here Is How To Enable It

A few weeks ago, Google said that they would be discontinuing Google Toolbar for Firefox 5 and will only continue supporting . However, in spite of that, the Google Toolbar continues to work in Firefox 5 and .

Google Toolbar for Firefox 5 and Firefox 6

I have been using the Google Toolbar in 5 and Firefox 6 for a few months now without issues, however, it does come with a caveat. Since Google has officially said that support for Google Toolbar is only available through Firefox 4, Firefox automatically disables the on Firefox 5 and Firefox 5.

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In order to enable the Google Toolbar in Firefox 5 and Firefox 6 you will first have to install the Add-on compatibility reporter extension in Firefox and restart the browser.

Change Google Toolbar Compatibility Firefox 5 & Firefox 6

Once you have done that head over to the “Add-ons” and you will be able to run Google Toolbar in Firefox 5 and Firefox 6. Firefox will still report that the add-on is incompatible with the newer versions, however, you can continue using it without issues. If you need more help with this read our earlier guide on How To Run Older Add-ons in Firefox.

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  • Funny, I was just telling a friend who upgraded to try that addon :)

  • C.Boyle

    I installed the “Add-on compatibility reporter extension” then I upgraded from 3.6 to 6 and the GToolbar is still available !!!

    This shocked me as I was ready to do the steps above yet I did NOT have to.

    After renooting it is still working. WOW..


  • D. Wintle

    Thank you so much for this information, I have missed the toolbar in the latest version of firefox especially google bookmarks. Don’t understand why Google would want to discontinue the toolbar though, it’s the best!

  • Nick

    This works 100%. Google Toolbar is the most useful one I have so this is a real bonus. Thanks.

  • roscoe

    i like my google toolbar but have not updated firefox because it would have stop working.Followed instructions and it works a treat,many thanks..

  • Gabriel

    Thank you So Much! I use the Google toolbar a lot and I was kinda upset for not being able to use it in Firefox 5. This article was incredibly useful.

  • vilniic

    1. Visit “about:Addons”
    2. Select “Extensions” in the sidebar
    3. No “Compatibility” buttons
    4. ?????
    5. Loss :(

  • Martin

    I lost the Google Toolbar (it is no longer in the addon section when I updated to FF5 and 6 and even though I did now install compatibillity reporter I can’t install the toolbar through Google.

    Is there a seperate .exe file or something so I can again install the toolbar?

  • Jamie

    I is now appearing in the menu but when I sign in it does not sign in, but there was no error message. Does anyone have any ideas?

  • I wanna find google tool bar for fire fox 5

  • Oliver

    Keep your Firefox 4 installation file!
    There’s the sequence of steps:
    – clean install of Firefox 4
    – install the Google Toolbar
    – install the Compatibility Reporter add-on
    – allow upgrade to Firefox 6
    Enjoy the Google Toolbar in firefox 6! :)

  • anatoly

    2 Martin:
    goto “”

  • Martin


    That was exactly what I was looking for:-). The toolbar is working again:-). Thanks for pointing me towards the file!

  • Travis

    I installed it in firefox 8, and it won’t sign in. I click sign in button, enter password, then it closes and it doesn’t work. It stays signed out, even though I’m signed into Google webpage.

  • TattooStu

    This is how I made My Google toolbar to work, specially the bookmarks.
    It is now working perfectly like before and all the features are kept. Here is how I did it.

    First, check the current version of Google toolbar. Type about:addons at the Firefox address bar and hit enter. Select the Extensions tab from the left. Check the version number for Google Toolbar for Firefox. It should be Version 7.1.20110512W if you are using the latest version. If not, update it.
    Go to your Firefox Profiles at AppData >Roaming > Mozilla> Firefox > Profiles > Default Profile > Extensions and look for the directory where the Google Toolbar is installed. Mine is located at {3112ca9c-de6d-4884-a869-9855de68056c} directory.
    There should be a file called install.rdf in that folder. Open it in a text editor like Notepad or Notepad++ (free and open source).
    Now you need to change the maxversion to 5. Find this line


    around line number 17 and change it to


    Save the file and close the editor.
    Go inside the “lib” directory and you will see the toolbar.js file.
    Open up toolbar.js with a decent editor.


    and replace ALL with:

    Restart FF 6.

    Login through the toolbar.

    Restart the Firefox and the Google Toolbar should be showing up with Firefox 5/Firefox 6.

    Thanks to — Abhik and GoogleFu

    • Anglo

      This still works with Firefox 13. Just change ‘8.0.*’ to ‘99.0.*’ so you’ll never need to increase it again. For Linux the files to edit are in somewhere like:

  • eva

    Hi I upgraded to firefox 6, downloaded add on reporter, and when i click the google add on button it still says add on no longer works. The google buttons work but I cannot sign into the bookmarks section and that is important for me. Any advice for a computer dummy appreciated.

  • adeel

    i updated my firfox 10..but adons compatible not compatible to firfox 10.plzz upgrade it.Thx

  • Add a comment…dis rocks.