Google Chrome Themes Go Live | Try Them Now

There have been several speculations about theme support in Google Chrome and it was quite evident that theme support for the browser will be coming soon considering Google released two sample themes for the dev builds of the browser.

As we reported earlier and as was apparent, theme support with some new themes for Google Chrome is now available. Google has released several themes for the Google Chrome browser.

The 28 new themes can be found here, on the Google Tools Page.


Install Themes in Google Chrome

You will need the latest development build of Google Chrome to install the themes. To install a theme, just click the Apply themebutton. The theme file (in .crx format) will automatically download and get applied.

How do you manage themes in Google Chrome? This version includes a basic theme management in Options > Personal Stuff tab, right now you can switch back to default theme or get new themes.

Most themes are simple and look mostly like Personas for Firefox. But it’s still in development and we should expect something good to come ahead.

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