Google Chrome: The New Beta is Faster Than Ever

Google Chrome has rolled out a new beta in its product lineup and they are happier than ever since Google Chrome is faster than ever.


The official Google Chrome blog says,

Today’s new beta release incorporates one of Chrome’s most significant speed and performance increases to date, with 30% and 35% improvement on the  V8 and  SunSpider benchmarks over the previous beta  channel release. In fact, looking back in time, Chrome’s performance has improved by as much as 213% and 305% on these two benchmarks since our very first beta.

As clear from the above quote, the new beta has speed, speed and more speed. An improvement of 30% to 35% is remarkable and there soon, there will be a time when Google Chrome will be the leader in web-browser technology.

Though, the new beta is not all about speed. There have been other significant changes. The synchronization feature now works not only for bookmarks but also for the themes and other browser settings. Installing add-ons in incognito mode is also possible and many new HTML5 features have been incorporated encouraging the use of HTML5.

This is also the first Chrome beta that features automatic security updates for the Adobe Flash plugin.

This new beta release can be tried for Windows at the  beta channel, or you can download the  Mac and  Linux versions at the respective links.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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