Google Chrome – The Last Browser Standing

The Hackathon is over and the only browser left standing is Google Chrome. This is the second consecutive year that Google has managed to leave the competition unscathed. In fact, according to TheNextWeb, this time around no one even attempted to hack Chrome.

Google obviously went into the competition well prepared. It fixed as many as 11 flaws just ahead of the competition. However, so did Apple, which recently pushed through 16 patches for Safari. Safari’s fall also proves that there is more to Google’s success than its lowly market share.

In fact, given that Google Chrome had managed to survive last year’s Pwn2Own, most people expected hackers to be gunning for it this time around. Google credits its sandboxingtechnique , which forces processes to run in a restricted environment, for Chrome’s success. While, sandboxing might be the key behind Chrome’s outstanding security track record, it definitely isn’t the sole contributor. Even Internet Explorer 8 utilizes sandboxing (Protected Mode), yet it fell quite easily.


Google built Chrome from the ground up with focus on security and speed and their efforts are certainly paying off. It is the only major browser, which is yet to be surmounted in the Pwn2Own contest. That alone is a laudable feat.

3 thoughts on “Google Chrome – The Last Browser Standing”

  1. Awesome news.. Google Chrome really rocks.. It is one among the best browsers I have ever seen.. As far as performance is concerned, Chrome is really fast and doesn't consume much physical memory.. And security, I don't think I need to talk about this as it has already proved itself.. :).. I do not know why, even though Firefox has failed the Pwn2own, I still love it.. No particular reason.. ;)

  2. I had persistent problems opening all kind of sites, valid sites. First try, "Cannot find". Close and try again and it opens, irritating.

    Uninstalled Google Chrome and now NONE of my links work! Have to re-establish a few hundred links!

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