Google Chrome Now Supports Greasemonkey Scripts

Some good news for Greasemonkey Fans! Google Chrome 4 now supports userscripts for Greasemonkey, one of the most popular Firefox extension of all times. Aaron Boodman, the man who created Greasemonkey for Firefox in 2004 has added support for Greasemonkey scripts in Google Chrome as well.

Note: The Greasemonkey extension for Google Chrome isn’t stable yet and 15-25 % of userscripts might not work.


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How to Install Greasemonkey Scripts in Google chrome

Installing the extension is fairly easy because the userscript is converted into an extension in the background. The installation and management is just the same as other Chrome extensions. Following is a begineers guide on installing Greasemonkey scripts in Google chrome:

1. On any userscript page, click the Install” button.


2. You will immediately notice that   Google chrome promps you with a security alert at the left corner of the status bar. Click continue.


3. Hit the install button and you are done. Enjoy!


4. To manage or uninstall the script, type chrome://extensions/ in the browser address bar.

Check out the official Google chrome extension gallery and the userscripts site to play around with some useful Greasemonkey scripts. If you had problems installing any script, let us know in the comments.

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