Google Chrome Gets Form AutoFill, Finally

The latest development version of has added a much required feature, called Form AutoFill. This was one of the most requested feature from the missing Google Toolbar for other browsers like IE and Firefox.

Google Chrome AutoFill

Just like the Google Toolbar, Google Chrome now allows you to set up profiles and enter Addresses and Credit cards details which you can then use to fill out long and inane forms :-).

Chrome Autofill Profiles

AutoFill is enabled by default in Chrome dev v5.0.356.0. You can also add profiles and enable or disable the AutoFill settings by visiting Options -> Personal Stuff.

18 thoughts on “Google Chrome Gets Form AutoFill, Finally”

  1. How to make form to be filled? I enter all the required info in the card, then I go to the form that I need to fill really fast – but nothing happens?

  2. hey they have autofill now, too bad It crashes chrome every time i try to save a profile, and it does not save said profile before it crashes, rendering autofill totally useless

  3. Looks like this is one good reason why I should start my transition from FF to GC. I’ve been using informenter addon on FF and been questioning myself if there is a good equivalent of the tool on GC. I wonder though if it can match the capability of FireForm addon on FF.

  4. More than a nicety, this feature is a must for many users. I keep intalled Chrome, IE7, FF3 and Safari, but I can’t seriously consider making Chrome my default browser because of the lack of auto-complete. Without it, filling out each new form is always a recurrent pain!

  5. Tom’s (10basetom) extension is very powerful and slick, but it requires too much work to set it up… OK, I’m lazy. InformEnter, the addon that’s keeping me in FireFox, just contains a list of text items. One click by a field displays the list, and another click fills in the selected item. I have some 85 different text items that I use hither and yon: personal info, passwords, affiliate accounts, APIs. There’s no way to use either Chrome’s builtin autofill or Tom’s extension to get this flexibility.

  6. AutoFill, of course, is the magical tool the automatically populates online forms with your personal data: name, address, phone number, e-mail, and so on. It’s a huge time-saver when you’re faced with, say, a Web shopping cart or site registration. Instead of typing all that same information over and over, you can make it appear instantly with just one click.

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