It’s Official: Google Chrome Stable Gets Extensions and Bookmark Sync Support

For those who have been using the developer and beta channels of , this might not come as a big news, however, for all those users who preferred to use the Stable channels, here is some good news.

Google Chrome Extensions Gallery

The stable version of Google Chrome now officially supports Extensions and Bookmark Sync. If you are not sure what extensions to use, you can take a look at all the we have covered in the past to make the choice easier for you.

If you are looking to get more extensions you can always visit the official Chrome extensions gallery to find the most recent and useful extensions. The official extensions gallery contains over 1500 extensions which add some value to the browser. If you think that extensions will slow down your Chrome experience, then here is something you should know, like all the Chrome tabs, extensions run as separate processes, so a single extension would not affect the entire browser.

Another interesting introduction in the stable version is the Bookmark Sync, a feature which will sync your bookmarks and allow it to access it from any location. Bookmark Sync uses your Google Docs account to store and sync your bookmarks.

If you have been waiting to use these features, go ahead and upgrade Google Chrome to the latest stable version.

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