Google Chrome Adds Extension Support to Stable Build

Google-Chrome Google Chrome extensions were unveiled almost a year ago. However, til now extensions were available only in the beta builds. If you have been waiting for extension support to arrive in the stable builds, we have some good news for you.

Google has just released Chrome 4.0 ( which includes extension support. This indicates that the Chrome extensions architecture is now mature enough for mass consumption. Google extension gallery currently houses more than 1,500 extensions and the number will only increase in the future.

The other major feature that has been introduced to this build is bookmark synchronization. Like extensions, this feature was also previously available in the beta builds. This build also includes several new HTML5 features like LocalStorage. Performance has also been improved. In fact, Google is claiming that this build is 42% faster than the previous build.

Extensions support is likely to accelerate Chrome’s growth, since it may convince many Firefox users to finally make the switch. If you have not checked out Google Chrome before, go ahead and give it a try. If you have already installed Chrome, update your build now.

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