Google Chrome 9 Hits Stable Build, Google Chrome 11 Hits Canary Build

development lifecycle is like a fast paced car race. The builds are incremented every few months to mark major releases in the development and stable builds.

Google Chrome

Google has just released Google Chrome 9 as the stable build to users, however, Chrome 9 which has already been in the beta channel for a while is going to be rolled out to users starting today.

Along with that, Google Chrome 11 is now available in the Canary build and will shortly make it to the development channel. This push will mean that Chrome 10 will make it to the beta channel.

Google Chrome 9 supports features such as cloud printing and background apps manager. This will allow Google to push their Cloud printing feature to a large number of users which has been rolled out to Gmail mobile recently.

Chrome 9 should be available as an update to regular users starting today. If you want to update your browser, head over to Settings -> About Google Chrome and let it check for updates.

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  • Yes… Chrome is definitely on to a rocking pace…. And the v8 benchmark scores are off the hook… Way better than Chrome 10…

    And after the installation, you can literally feel the blaze running…

    Chrome :* :* And still lots of them…

    It has left Firefox really behind in development cycles… I mean look around, FF4 is been in Beta since when.. it feels like a decade and FF4b10 is still not fast enough as Chrome.. Yep thats for me and I think if you will give it a try you will find out also…

    IE9 sucks… always IE9 sucks…..

    Chrome Pros: Blazing fast, Extensions, Great themes, Pin Tab, Incognito (Love the detective icon)….

    Seriously FF4 has let me down in extensions….

    All hail Google Chrome…