Google Chrome 7 Development Release available for Download

Google Chrome is a fast moving name in the web browser world now. It is undoubtedly the best web browser around and with the Google backing; it has made a reputed position for itself. The development cycle has undergone a considerable change and Chrome has attracted bug fix bounty hunters just like Firefox. In short, Google Chrome is on a perfect roadmap.

Keeping up with this, Google Chrome has moved to the next version with the release of a development version of Google Chrome 7, named 7.0.497.0. A test version of this is available already and the dev channel version is scheduled to arrive this week.

The settings and the look and feel of version 7 is the same as that of Chrome 6 till now. However, expected features like the support for web applications and the Chrome store are missing as well! They are scheduled to arrive later in September this year.

Google recently fixed ten security bugs in Chrome and spiced up the process with  bounties amounting to a total of ten thousand dollars.

With the chrome web store coming in October and web-application support  coming in September, Chrome has a busy year ahead of itself.

What do you think of the new version of Google Chrome? Try it out and do let us know.


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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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