Download Google Chrome 6 Dev Channel Release

Google-Chrome-6 Google Chrome 6 is here. The latest dev channel build sports the version number 6.0.401.1. The new release does not, however, include any major new features.

Unlike other browsers, Chrome’s version number is not determined by the presence or absence of new features. In fact, 6.0.401.1 is just a regular bug fix update to the previous dev channel release, Google Chrome 5.0.396.0.
Google’s unusual numbering scheme has allowed Chrome to gallop ahead of Firefox, at least when it comes to version numbers.

The summarized changelog is given below.

  • All
    Don’t prepend scheme on copying an incomplete hostname. (Issue 43585)
  • Windows
    Much better display/eliding of RTL and mixed-direction strings in the omnibox dropdown. (Issue 41716)
  • Linux
    Make sure scheme is prepended to addresses that are cut (as opposed to copied) from the omnibox. (Issue 43569)
    Fixed rendering of monospaced fonts on Linux (Issue 43252)

Known issues include some form fields not submitting the form on hitting enter. You can find more information about this release here.

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