Google Chrome 5 Debuts, Adds More Controls for Users

It came as a surprise to me when I checked my feed reader to see that CNet was reporting about 5, this literally made me jump out and check which version of Chrome I was using, and there it was, I was bumped to the dev version of Google Chrome 5.

Google Chrome 5

Though the changelog for the new updated version does not tell us much, the one interesting change is when you go to "Options -> Under the Hood". You will see a new button there called as "Content Settings". Clicking on this button will allow you to control several aspects of the browser, including cookies, images, JavaScript, Plug-ins and Pop-ups.

Google Chrome 5 Content Settings

Using these options you can control whether to allow cookies or load images in the browser, add exceptions for cookies, disable images, disable JavaScript and more. This new update definitely gives more control to the user and will definitely turn out to be very useful for users.

Google Chrome 5 is available as a dev update for both Windows and Mac users, Linux users might have to wait a while before they get the dev upgrade to Chrome 5.

Update: Google Chrome 5 also allows users to resize the extension bar and hide extensions in the toolbar like we had told you earlier.

2 thoughts on “Google Chrome 5 Debuts, Adds More Controls for Users”

  1. yep, the Content settings and the extensions resize are quite good ideas.. tho is this the only think they added ? …

    waiting for more :)

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