Google Chrome Celebrates Second Birthday, Releases Chrome 6

Two years ago, I was introduced to , one of the fastest browsers I had ever used for a while and it still continues to be one of the fastest. You can read my first impressions of Google Chrome.

Google Chrome Browser Experience

Google Chrome also has one of the fastest development cycles, and has quickly reached version 6.0 for their stable version and version 7 for their development cycle. Chrome 7 is exciting in several ways with the introduction of hardware acceleration and voice translation along with Chrome Labs which should be part of dev channel shortly.

Today, Chrome has celebrated its 2nd birthday with the introduction of the stable version of Chrome 6 for the masses. Chrome 6 is 3 times faster than the first version of Chrome, which shows leaps and bounds of improvement.

Chrome Version 1 Chrome Version 6

The thing I have liked about Chrome is the simplicity and speed. Over the past two years, Chrome has definitely made simple more simpler with subtle changes that have made using the browser a delight. Since it’s initial release, Google Chrome has added Chrome Extensions, auto-correction and several other features which make the browser one of the best available today.

If you haven’t used Chrome yet, I would definitely suggest you give it a go by downloading it at Don’t forget to read about all the we have talked about in the past too.

Happy 2nd Birthday Google Chrome.

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  • Well this sounds like reason enough for me to give Chrome another chance. I briefly installed it in the past, but stuck with firefox due to the addons I needed.

  • Petrusa

    Yes, congratulations, Google. Have been a fan on both Windows and Ubuntu from the very beginning. Still my favourite browser although I also use Firefox and Opera.

  • Tom McDaniel

    I used to get about 8 of my most visited websites when I opened GC. When I ran the recovery disk and then downloaded google chrome the opening browser page is altogether different. What happened?

    • @Tom – When you said you recovered your PC, it means that you technically destroyed all the program settings. Recovery Disk basically brings you back to factory settings, it does not persist anything as such and will only be as good as what your backup is about.

      You might not have lost certain files and settings, but that is as much as your recovery disk has stored.