Google Chrome 12 Released to Dev Channel; Adds Experimental New Tab Page, Multi-Tab Select

Google Chrome 12 (v12.0.712.0) has made it to the development channel from the Canary Build. The new version adds a few new features to the browser and contains more behind the scenes updates and code refactoring.

One of the new features in 12 is called multi-tab select (Windows only). This feature allows you to select multiple tabs using the Ctrl button and perform actions on them like reloading all webpages or closing tabs among other things. I tried working with this feature but could not use it very well.


Another new feature available in this build is an experimental new tab page (through about:flags). The new experimental tab page adds a paged navigation for apps which will allow users to scroll through all the installed apps. It looks like it is more geared towards touch interfaces. However, this experimental new tab page is in its infancy stage and does not do much as of now.

Chrome 12 also has a new experimental feature called FPS counter which will display a page’s actual frame rate (FPS) when hardware acceleration is active. Other than that, the V8 engine has been updated to in all versions of the browser.

Update: Google Chrome 12 also reverts back the new logo that was introduced earlier and switches back to the older one.

8 thoughts on “Google Chrome 12 Released to Dev Channel; Adds Experimental New Tab Page, Multi-Tab Select”

    1. Yes, it was a mistake to change the logo to something flatter and with less personality. The Chrome logo should be Chromey.

    1. well it is posibly true but there is so many bugs in 12 dev that the first person to report one then to report all the bugs

      but the good thing is that google 11 beta is fast and reliable and how i know this cause i redownloaded from 10 to 11

    2. That’s not true.

      There is however a google security reward program, that rewards people who uncover security issues. So you won’t just get $1000 for reporting a chrome crash…

  1. I’m not sure about the multi-tab select, but it still is in dev. You have to love that old logo though. I hated the new one with a vengance because it was too simple. It got plain and boring. Mine hasn’t changed back yet, but I have yet to restart the computer. I hope it goes back like you said, the old logo was futuristic and cool. It was almost as cool as fez’s and stetsons. Sorry, the 23rd was getting to me.

  2. Google is a new star, twinkle in the sky. It really fast but I set Avant browser as the NO.1 browser in my computer. The developer team should pay more attention to its compatibility.

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