Google Chrome 10 Available In Canary Build, 2 Times Faster Than Chrome 9

10 is now available in the Canary build of the browser. The new update includes the Crankshaft technology for the V8 JavaScript engine. The new Canary build is currently at version 10.0.603.3 and is definitely faster than the current Chrome 9 on the dev channel.

Google Chrome 10

I ran a test using Chrome’s V8 Benchmark suite and Chrome 10 almost has a 50% 70% increase in performance over Chrome 9 as you can see. This bodes well with the claim Google made about Crankshaft almost doubling Chrome’s current speed.


Google Chrome Canary Build is not for the for the faint-hearted, it is based upon code which is untested so you might want to stay away from it if you don’t like crashes. However, you can install Canary Build as a separate installation so it should not be a problem as such. Interested? Go ahead and download Chrome Canary build from here

(Source: DSQ)

One thought on “Google Chrome 10 Available In Canary Build, 2 Times Faster Than Chrome 9”

  1. Just went crazy trying to find this page again, but luckily I documented it on my forum and remembered that the key word to search for was canary :p

    But I was looking for this speed test that you did
    and now I’m able to try it out

    I just tested Chromium 11.0.659.0 (73627)
    and came out with
    Score: 6344
    Richards: 8211
    DeltaBlue: 10533
    Crypto: 10273
    RayTrace: 7400
    EarleyBoyer: 14609
    RegExp: 1692
    Splay: 2546

    If only I could remember when I tried it on chromium 7 and 10

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