Get Vertical Tabs in Google Chrome

Here at Techie Buzz, we are always in the look out for new Google chrome extensions releasing every day. VerticalTabs the name itself is self explanatory, is a new extension which shows all the active tabs in a vertical grid layout.


Earlier we have seen Tabjump, a similar extension which lets you jump to different tabs from a vertical grid layout. Vertical Tabs works much the same way as Tabjump but it has some additional features which are worth a try.

Features of Vertical Tabs

Quick navigation: All the open tabs are arranged in order and you can quickly jump to an active tab by clicking the extension button placed next to the address bar. Tabs can also be closed from the grid by clicking the small cross placed at the right top in the vertical list.

Search for tabs and filter: Just type a few words which you think is present in a tab title and the extension can filter the list of tabs to match with your search.


Set tab width and title size: This extension can help you reduce the width of tabs, if you think they are too wide. You can also limit the title text of tabs from the extension options. A tab counter showing the count of the currently open tabs is placed next to the address bar.


Techie buzz Verdict

Vertical tabs is easy to use and does what is says. One thing I would want in the next release is the implementation of keyboard shortcuts. This will reduce the effort of using our mouse and we can quickly switch to a tab by spotting the favicon.

Techie Buzz rating: 3/5 (average).

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