Get the New Firefox 4 Look in Your Current Firefox

So you have installed Firefox 3.6 – the latest version of Firefox. One of the rich features of Firefox 3.6 is that you don’t require to restart the browser after installing an add-on or theme.

Upcoming Design of Firefox 4

Below is an image from the Mozilla Wiki which shows how the new interface of Firefox 4 might look.

Now if you are impressed with the upcoming Firefox design and want to try it now, the Fx4 add-on for Firefox is worth a try. This add on, merged with the Fx4 theme will give your current Firefox the new Firefox 4 look.

Install fx4 Firefox add-on.

Install Fx4 Firefox theme.

I tried both the theme and the extension and here is how my Firefox 3.6 looks:


Now that’s cool. The tab effects are impressive and the combo buttons (stop, refresh) reduce clutter. On this page, you can tell the developers about changes you’d like to see.

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  • Kishan Bagaria

    This is not the latest FF 4.0 mockup screenshot. Please check it again and change it.

  • SpewBoy

    If you like this theme, you should try out the theme it was originally based on:

    It features graphics more closely resembling the latest mockups found here:

  • sudharsan @ technosk

    very nice sharing brother..


    firefox looks really very nice

  • vicky

    i eagerly wait for the new firefox to release. for now this would do.