Generate Barcode for Any Link and Scan It with Your Phone, All in Firefox

Firefox has amazed us with its awesome add-ons on more than one instance. To add to the awesome list of add-ons, we now have a new add-on called Mobile barcoder that does pretty much what it sounds like.


With this add-on, we can convert any webpage into a link that we can access on our phone. The form of the generated link however, is a 2D barcode that needs to be scanned with any 2D barcode scanning phone app.

The Mobile barcoder  add-on can generate a 2D barcode as well as a data matrix, both with equal ease. Once a barcode reader reads this generated code, it can be translated into any market apps or any webpage with a link. The content of QR code can also be a text and this app has been tried and tested to hold fifty to sixty works in a single data matrix.

The concept of generating Q R Code is awesome in itself. Moreover, the QR code thus generated can have multiple forms like 2D barcode with links, QR code ets. This gives us a  considerable  some choice over the amount of data we can push into your phones.

You can install the add-on from  this page.  I could not test the Mobile barcoder add-on  as I already have the Firefox beta build installed on my computer and it is  incompatible  with this. Feel free to share your experiences with me.


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