Flock Gloss: A Fashionable Browser to Match Your Styles

Browsers have grown from being a simple tool to access web pages, to full fledged social networking tools. Flock has been at the center of the social networking world since it’s inception, no wonder its called the Social Networking Browser.

It was quite surprising though to see Flock Gloss, which aims to bring fashion and entertainment right into the browser. Flock Gloss is the world’s first and only fashion/entertainment browser bringing all the scoop and gossip to you.


Flock Gloss aims at keeping you updated with all the latest news from the entertainment and fashion industry, it comes bundled in with several entertainment feeds and sports the pink color, which definitely provides it with a glossy effect.


Flock Gloss borrows several features from the original Flock edition, and adds in features that are only related to entertainment and fashion, it automatically fetches feeds from top entertainment and fashion portals such as InStyle, TMZ, ThisNext, PopSugar and Glam among others.

In addition to the feeds, you can also access media streams of fashion interviews, red carpet events, style shows and more from the browsers Media Bar, you can also easily communicate and share content with your friends.

Well there is no need to tell you the targeted audience for this, so if you love entertainment and fashion, go ahead and have fun with Flock,Flock Gloss,Browsers,fashion browser,entertainment browser,fashion and entertainment,styles,gloss