Firefox 3.5 Is Not The Most Used Browser. Yet!!!

I am not a Firefox hater, and nor do I say that I immensely love it. However, Firefox overlapping Internet Explorer would give me immense pleasure, as it is really a good browser. I switched to out of my own needs and because Firefox has been becoming more bloated, even in a bare-bone version.

To my surprise today, I saw couple of big tech sites post about Firefox 3.5 being the world’s most used browser. Now, that would be great, but there are several factual reporting errors with their posts. First of all, Firefox 3.5 is not be the most used browser yet.

Here are the screen shots the top tech sites posted:


And here is the same data in bar graph format:


I agree that the data they jumped on was actually for December 2009, so lets see a screenshot of that.


Still not Firefox 3.5. So yes Firefox 3.5 is as large as Internet Explorer 7 for the month of December 2009, but it is not the largest browser in the World just yet.

I would be glad to break this news that Firefox 3.5 is the largest browser in the world in the next few days or maybe new week or so, but let’s just get the facts right before posting something that is not accurate.

Please note: If you see the data for last couple of weeks you will see Firefox 3.5 coming out on top, however, browser market share, mobile market share and search engine market share are not judged on few weeks of data, it takes almost 1 month of data to find a proper winner, you can of course pass your own judgement.

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  • Fjmustak

    There is no factual error in the reports. According to the data, FF 3.5 market share in Week 51 of 2009 (14-20 December) IS higher than IE 7.

    The same data in bar format is CUMULATIVE, and cumulatively for Weeks 49-51 (as you have shown in the second bar graph), IE 7 is ahead.

    Of course I feel browser VERSION market share is pretty meaningless (unless you're comparing versions within the same browser). IE's COMBINED market share is still higher than FF's.

    • @Fjmustak – Whatever you said is right, as you said that you saw that data for only Week 51, but how accurate can only one week's data be? And how much data is that a few millions or even a billion?

      We cannot say one version of a browser is better than another based on one week's data, yes our eyes say it is, but is Statcounter a market standard? No, they are after all only a statistics tracking company, and of course they are showing off their own data.

      As you can see from the last screenshot, in the month of December Firefox 3.5 is still behind IE7 and that is what should be taken into consideration rather than taking one week's of data…

  • Firefox is still my favorite browser! There are so many Plug-ins for it!