Firefox Officially gets Weave Sync with Weave 1.0 Release

Browser backups allow us to carry our complete browser settings and data anywhere. This is done by syncing content from our browser to over a cloud storage which is accessible from our particular accounts. This feature is present in Opera as Opera links and now we have official support for Weave Sync. If you are still wondering what Weave is,

Weave is a free add-on for Firefox that syncs your data — bookmarks, browsing history, open tabs, Personas and stored passwords — across multiple PCs running Firefox and supported mobile devices.

Currently, Weave is available as an add-on but it will be officially a part of Firefox from later this year. Weave once installed, will not interrupt your browsing experience with annoying prompts but works pretty much in the background. Weave syncing can be done on the Mozilla server as well as a server of our choice.  Weave Sync works really fast and restoring a saved online backup is a matter of around half a minute.

This release has been long awaited. Though, the next release of Weave Sync, version 1.1 will feature the syncing of add-ons as well. This makes Weave a complete backup solution for all our Firefox settings. To download Weave Sync version 1.0, visit this link.

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