Firefox 3.6 Gets a Graphical Tab Switcher

Firefox 3.5 may have been released only a few weeks ago, but Mozilla is already working hard on the next build of Firefox (codenamed Namoroka). Namoroka is expected to include a host of changes including site preferences, in-built Prism, session management and significant performance improvements. Firefox 3.6 is also expected to have better integration with Aero in Windows (Vista and Seven).

However, the most significant feature improvement for me is the addition of a Tab Switcher. If you use the Alt+Tab task switcher in Windows a lot, you are going to love it. Tab Switcher was originally planned for Firefox 3.0 and then 3.5 releases, but was dropped at the last moment on both occasions. The Tab Switcher is disabled by default in the latest nightly builds. However, you can easily enable it if you are eager to check it out. Download the latest nightly build and enter about:config in the address bar. Type browser.ctrlTab.previews in the Filter pane. Change the value for the highlighted property to true. Now press Ctrl+Tab buttons to activate Tab Previews.

The Tab Switcher functionality is similar to Opera’s, but instead of showing all open Tabs only shows the current tab and five most recently used tabs. There is also the option to “Show All Tabs”. This option displays all tabs along with a search box. Unfortunately you can’t directly trigger this feature which reduces its usefulness.

Firefox Namaroka - Tab Preview
Firefox Namaroka - All Tabs Preview

Firefox Namoroka is currently in early testing phase and may have serious stability and performance issues. But, if you feel adventurous you can download the latest nightly build from here.

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