Firefox for Maemo: Fennec RC3 Release/Download

Firefox for Maemo or popularly known as Fennec, saw its third RC release today. The browser is out on a good course already, but faces tough competition from Opera Mini and Opera Mobile. But it is this competition that makes Fennec deliver better.
Firefox for Maemo: "Fennec"
One major change in this new RC3 version is seen as the removal of plugin support. Adobe flash and other added content plugins are no longer supported by default but can be added later from the about:config menu. This removal was made keeping in view the speed factor. The developers are trying to develop an add-on which will let users chose which sites to enable plugins for. This will speed up browsing considerably without compromising for absence of flash content.

Special focus has been given on improved security, productivity, web synchronization and overall performance. The address bar has been replaced by an awesome bar which has many more capabilities than simply navigating to a desired location. A complete list of these changes can be found in the release notes  at this official release notes page.

Existing users of the RC2 version will see an update automatically. Those of you who have not received the update can visit this download link if you want to download it directly to your N900 or N810.

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