Firefox for Nokia N900, Final Release

Mozilla is proud to announce Firefox for N900 final release and says at it official website,

The world’s best Web browser has gone mobile.

Nokia N900 has seen a series of beta and RC release and this final release from Mozilla is remarkable. With this, officially, Mozilla is one of the big players in the mobile browser market.

Firefox for mobile sports the same engine which forms the base of Firefox 3.6 on the desktop. Over at the Mozilla blog, Erica Jostedt writes,

Bringing Firefox to mobile devices is the next step toward fulfilling Mozilla’s mission of providing one Web that everyone can access, regardless of device or location. Secure, powerful, and customizable, Firefox is the most modern mobile Web browser available and is optimized for a mobile experience.

Some of the best features of Firefox for mobile are,

  • The awesome bar ┬áproviding an intelligent and personalized navigation experience to websites.

  • The Weave Sync which lets you carry your browser settings and UI elements wherever you go. This will also upgrade to a syncing of add-ons in the next release of Weave Sync.

  • Did I mention add-ons? Yes, Firefox for mobile has add-ons too. So, your browsing experience is enhanced ten-folds with the power of add-ons. Currently there are around 50 add-ons and more are adding up each day.

  • Tabbed browsing is an obvious feature expected to be present in Firefox for mobile.

  • Safe browsing is something we all should pay attention to after the recent hack attacks at Twitter, Google and many other top-notch websites and companies.

Firefox for mobile is totally free and you can get it directly on your Nokia N900 from this download page.

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