Firefox now Supports Multiple File Uploads

Firefox now has support for multiple file uploads. This allows us to upload more than one file when the file upload selection dialog turns up. This development was made possible with the Firefox FileAPI.


Earlier, whenever a file upload dialog popped up, we could select only a single file and upload it. This was a major annoyance in a multiple document upload like file parts of image uploads. But the inclusion of the FileAPI has made uploading files much easier.

Unlike earlier, when we used:

<input type="file"/>

we now need to specify an extra multiple field to enable multiple uploads as:

<input type="file" multiple=""/>

This will give us the file picker tool and let us select multiple files.  This has been made possible with the FileAPI which allows us to perform extra processing on the client side before we upload files to a remote server. The FileAPI uses an array file object to make this possible.

This is just one of the few additional things FileAPI can do. Apart from this, FileAPI can also allow us to read EXIF data from images and do other client sided data operations.

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