Firefox for Nokia N900 makes it to the Ovi Store

Firefox is the world’s most customizable browser. It has got awesome add-ons, it has an awesome cloud based backup solution for all your bookmarks and personal data and it just got even more awesome with the release of a Mobile version. With the mobile Firefox Fennec for Nokia N900, you can use all the popular features from the desktop browser right into your Nokia N900 mobile. This comes as a boon for those of you who are die-hard fans of Firefox.

This release of Firefox for mobile recently got officially accepted by Nokia to be put into the Ovi Store. The Ovi Store approval process took around two weeks, though it is finally through and available for download right from the Ovi Store.

The Ovi Store also features the closest competitor of Firefox for mobile, the Opera Mini browser. The Store introduced Firefox with the lines,

The world’s best Web browser has gone mobile. Get it now on your Nokia N900.

This approval allows uses to direct their web-browsers to the store and download the application for their N900. The addition is a remarkable milestone in the development and growth of Firefox for mobile which had created a huge buzz and has lived up to it as well. You can see the Ovi Store page featuring Firefox for mobile at this link.

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  • shivkumargupta

    i downloaded ovistore and made a fresh account.through sms my phone number was verified too.but when i opened ovistore it show that ovistore cant be opened due to an error. i am fail to understand now what to do. s.k.gupta