Firefox Launches a Dev Channel, Calls it Aurora

Until now, Mozilla Firefox has been available only from the Nightly, Beta and the Final release Firefox channels. This was a big drawback as users preferred a dev release which is stabler than the nightly and offers feature on time, allowing them to test it better. Enter Aurora- the solution to rapid and stable releases. The hard job for Mozilla here will be keeping the Aurora channel bug free and relatively stable.

The new dev channel will allow users to testFirefox ahead of beta releases and maintain a stable browsing experience at the same time. This will increase user-participation in the development process.


The Aurora channel was announced by the Mozilla blog as,

Today, we launch the Aurora channel as part of a broader initiative to create channels which deliver features to users at various levels of quality and polish. The Aurora channel is where users can test the latest features and innovations. Users can expect an increase in polish from the raw, cutting edge features in our nightly builds. Aurora releases may not be as stable as beta or final releases.

Not only this, each Firefox channel has a separate logo for their releases. You can download from the Aurora channel at this Firefox channel page. Alternatively, you can enable the Aurora channel using this method.

head to about:config and create a new string called app.update.desiredChannel — the value doesn’t matter. Then open Help > About Firefox and you’ll be able to switch channel.

The current offering from Aurora is a Firefox 5.0a2. Catch up with more details on the Aurora channel.

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