Firefox Did not Dump Google Search for Bing, Simply Added it to the List of Available Search Options

Just yesterday,  Robert Scoble announced in a tweet that Firefox would default to Bing search instead of Google. Today, the Mozilla blog has posted an update clarifying the situation, saying the default search will remain Google powered. However, Bing will be added to the list of search services along with the pre-existing ones like Wikipedia, Amazon, Yahoo and others.


The inclusion is announced as,

The current search options fall into three categories: general search, shopping, and reference.

Google remains the most popular general search and it will remain as the default search option, unless you change it. We will also continue to include Yahoo! as the second option for general search.  Yahoo! has a loyal following and continues to provide a differentiated user experience, even as it integrates the Bing engine for its algorithmic search results. Bing itself offers a user experience that we think users will find valuable, and with its significant rise in popularity over the last year, we will be including Bing as a general search option for English language users.

In spite of the presence of faster web browsers like Opera and Google Chrome, Firefox has still held up in the competition pretty much for the same reasons as that of Internet Explorer, that is, a dedicated user’s base and an awesome base of add-ons.

This makes Firefox a hot target for most search engines. Conversely, Firefox gains every time a custom search is made using the search box. However, now that Google is promoting its own Chrome and Microsoft has a promising IE9 ready for us, Firefox will soon be forgotten when it comes to a battleground for search providers.

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