Firefox for Android: Screenshot, sneak peek into a Pre-Alpha

Mozilla has started taking Firefox for mobile seriously and wants to server the fastest growing and the most potential platforms first. It started with Maemo and now it is Android.
Firefox for Maemo saw its final version 1.0 release a few days back and now, Firefox for Android pre-alpha screenshots have been released to prove that work is in fast progress for the Android platform. We have already covered the news of the possible release and the ongoing development. Firefox for Mobile is currently available for Nokia 900 and other Maemo powered devices. It is also available for Windows Mobile. But, the plan of including it in Android will offer a powerful and feature rich browser to the vast and tech-savvy Android users base.

Firefox for mobile sports add-ons – the power of Firefox, a touch interface, tabbed browsing, security and an enhanced overall performance. This makes it a browser of choice for many platforms. The presence of add-ons brings the best features form the desktop version to this mobile version as well.

A Mozilla developer Vladimir Vukićević has reported on his blog, saying,

mouse events sort of work, toplevel windows sort of work, keyboard doesn’t work yet but shouldn’t be hard to hook up. This is running in an emulator at the moment for ease of debugging, but it’s working just fine on physical hardware as well.

Guessing from the development speed, we can safely expect Fennec to come on Android by the end of this year.
[ Via: Androidcentral ]

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