Firefox Adds a new Dimension to Browsing, goes 3D

RT Fact is a real time ray-tracing technology which makes rendering of 3D graphics easier. A group of researchers has recently achieved success in using this technology to render 3D graphics in the Firefox web browser. The browser was showcased at the Cebit Trade show on Wednesday, and has got a lot of positive response.


The concept of 3D browsing is not new though. Some gaming companies have brought plugins which allow us to browse websites in 3D but with RT Fact, we will not need any plugin. The technology here will make use of the XML3D part of the HTML language. The only change the group has made is in integrating RT Fact into the Webkit engine.

During a Cebit demo, a Wikipedia page was shown in 3D with a 3D view of the palaces. The modified browser will be made public in a few days and the group is checking with Firefox if they can call the browser Firefox. If that succeeds, the technology will be taken to the W3C which is responsible for setting web standards.

If the proposal is accepted, we will have a revamped browsing experience, more work for designers and viewing pleasures for the avid web-surfers. If done right, this technology can bring a revolution.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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