Firefox Account Manager: Now a Reality

Account Manager is the latest and most promising feature being developed at Mozilla Labs. Now,  Mozilla Labs has finally released an Alpha version of its Account Manager as a Firefox add-on. This nifty feature allows us to manage login and signup on websites without disrupting our current browsing session. You can read more about Account Manager at this earlier post on Techie Buzz.


The basic concept behind account manager is to allow users to simplify the process of signing in and out of your web accounts. Once you install the add-on you will see a key sign next to the location bar. Clicking on which will show you an option to connect to the current site.

Different websites have different login/logout methods. Account Manager on the other hand, simplifies the login and logout process by providing a kind of a grand unified login procedure user interface. The feature announced last month is now active and can be downloaded as a Firefox add-on in the alpha version. Though, Mozilla has assured that Account Manager will make it to Firefox integration soon. Currently, Account Manager supports Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, Mozilla Add-ons, Mozilla Bugzilla, and (Via: Mozilla Links)

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  • Account manager is a plugin/addon or its a feature in firefox.

    • It is a feature to be included in Firefox. But, currently, it is available as an add-on for testing.