Firefox 5 Final Beta is Out, Brings new Features and Confirmation of a Release Next Week
By on June 16th, 2011

The Firefox 4 release event was a huge success and the visualization of downloads added fun to the otherwise monotonous event. This time, Firefox 5 is just around the corner and they have announced it today with the release of the final beta version. Firefox 5 beta is available from the beta channel and this is the final testing beta version. You can download it here.

Firefox 5 final build is out ahead of the scheduled 21st June date. Head over to this post for download links and other information.


Firefox is moving at lightning speed. It has moved to version 5 from the  earlier version 4 in just around three months. The first beta of Firefox 5 showed up  on the 23rd of May.

The most notable change in the beta release is the removal of the channel switcher. The feature was welcome but it is a surprise to see it gone suddenly. Apparently, the channel switcher was causing users to run multiple instances of Firefox releases. Apart from that, the new version brings stability enhancements and some CSS animation improvements.


Mozilla is also pushing Firefox for mobile parallel to this and it has graduated to version 5. You can get it  at this page. Both the desktop and mobile version include user tracking opt-outs using the legendary  DNT header and location tracking opt-outs. This gives the user a lot of control over what information he shares with websites.

You might want to brush up your Firefox  tweaking skills with this tutorial. The final version is coming exactly five days from now.

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