Firefox 4 Officially Released, Crosses One Million Downloads Within Hours

After a dozen betas, and two release candidates, Mozilla has finally released the public build of Firefox 4. It took nearly a year to come, but now that it’s here, expect it to break all records. With well over five thousand downloads per minute, at the moment, Firefox seems well poised to go past the ten million mark. You can tack Firefox 4 downloads in realtime from

Firefox Although, several planned features were dropped from Firefox 4, as it struggled to stay on schedule, Firefox 4 is a meaty update, which boasts of some pretty significant enhancements.

The user interface has been refined to give the website higher priority. Tabs are now on top (as they should be), and the menu bar has been replaced with a single “Firefox” button.

Firefox 4 is significantly faster than its predecessors, courtesy of the new JagerMonkey JavaScript engine, and should be able to hold its own against the likes of Opera 11, Chrome 10 and Internet Explorer 9. Also new to this build is hardware (GPU) acceleration and WebGL support. Unfortunately, hardware acceleration is currently not supported in Linux. WebGL compatibility means that Firefox is ready to meet the demands of the new age, graphics intensive web-applications and games.

Other new features in Firefox 4 include in-built synchronization option, “Panaroma” tab organization, app tabs, multi-touch support, DNT (Do Not Track) header support, WebM video playback, crash protection for popular plug-ins (Flash, QuickTime, Silverlight etc.), HTML 5 parser, and open type fonts support. The full changelog for Firefox 4 is available here.


Firefox 4 for Windows, Mac and Linux is available in more than seventy languages from

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  • Why would you say that HW Accel is not available on Linux?

  • I forgot to add, it is available on linux, I have it enabled.

  • Wow! The download is approaching 4 million now. I predicted a 6 million figure by the end of the day. There is an apparent slowdown.
    Also, Japan, even after being hit with two disasters back to back, is showing highest downloads in Asia.

    • Didn’t they reach 8 million last time? So, six million would actually be somewhat of a disappointment.

      • Yeah. That is because the rates are far slower than last time. Firefox has lost many users to Google Chrome and Opera.

  • Thanks Palleb De, it sound gr8 that firefox is getting more and more popular, i hope firefox will become most usable browser very soon !!

  • It had crossed 7.1 million figure during the first 24 hours, which is less than fx3’s 8 million.The downloads now stand at 44 millions with India having the most downloads in Asia.