Firefox 3.0.3 Released, Urgent Security Bug Fix

Mozilla has released another updated to Firefox barely two days after rolling out Firefox 3.0.2. This update includes a single critical bug fix which allows users to retrieve saved passwords or save new passwords to the Firefox password manager.


This is a serious bug since many users tend to save passwords for their email accounts and bank accounts to the Firefox password manager.

If you have recently upgraded to Firefox 3.0.2, please download and upgrade to the latest version. If you are unsure of updating your Firefox, you can read our guide to learn how to update Firefox.


4 thoughts on “Firefox 3.0.3 Released, Urgent Security Bug Fix”

  1. I ran into the “not saved password” issue in 3.0.2 as many others, but 3.0.3 did not solve the problem for me.
    Now it ask if I want to save, but nothing is saved :(

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