Firefox 3.7 Will Be Up To 3 Times Faster

The browser war is getting really interesting. Speed and usability have assumed center stage. Firefox – the once darling of the alternate browser movement, has been finding it tough to keep up the pace. In our recent JavaScript rendering benchmarks, Firefox was blown away by Opera, Chrome and Safari, and the next major version of Firefox (Firefox 4.0) won’t be ready until next year. However, that doesn’t mean that 2010 is going to be a dull year for Firefox.

Mozilla has been busy working on Electrolysis – a project which aims to introduce multi-core optimizations in Firefox. Firefox 3.7 will include the first stages of Electrolysis. However, it won’t get full-fledged multi-process support until v4.0.

My Outsourced Brain put a pre-release build of Firefox 3.7 through the paces. The results were quite impressive. The pre-release build was about 3 times faster than 3.5.6pre and only 50% slower than Chrome. Opera 10.5 pre-alpha wasn’t included in the tests. However, in all likelihood Opera too would have trumped Firefox, as Opera 10.5 is as fast as Chrome (if not faster).

(lower is better)

Firefox still has some way to go, if it wants to gain the crown of the fastest browser (at least as far as synthetic JavaScript rendering benchmarks are concerned). However, 3.7 is definitely looking promising.

2 thoughts on “Firefox 3.7 Will Be Up To 3 Times Faster”

  1. This is awesome news, I am an avid user of Firefox, have been using it for over 5 years now, definitely love the fact that Firefox is stepping their game up and getting faster :D Hopefully they also address some of the memory leak issues with some plugins.

    Till then,


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